Please do not return any goods without prior contact
E-Mail: service(@)
Phone: +49 (0)40 3680 999 0

Please consider the following points for all returns:

§1 Online purchased, unused goods can be returned up to 14 days after receipt.
§2 Used, defective goods can be sent back within the scope of the 2-year legal warranty obligation for repair / replacement. 
§3 In case of damage such as glass breakage, dents, scratches, etc., which have arisen after delivery, any warranty is excluded. 
§4 For warranty claims that turn out to be error-free, may be a processing fee of 25,00 EUR plus shipping costs will be charged. 
§5 Unused goods damaged by transport must be reported immediately, upon receipt, as letter, e-mail or by phone. 
§6 Returns within the warranty period are free of charge for MODALO customers in Germany in the first 6 months. 
§7 Unpaid shipments are not accepted.
§8 Please return the goods always in the original packaging or equivalent packed. Damage caused by packaging which is not suitable for transport will be invoiced or deducted from the refund amount. 
§9 Please use our Return Form for all returns. We ask you to fill out the form completely and to enclose the proof of purchase. 
Returns of goods without form can unfortunately NOT be processed! 
§10 Once the return has been accepted, you will receive the purchase amount through the same method of payment refunded. 
§11 As a manufacturer, we only guarantee our products if they have been purchased from an authorized dealer. 
§12 Please note our warranty conditions (MODALO GmbH terms and conditions can be found on 

• Before submitting defective goods, please check the following points: 
1. Mains operation: Plug-in connection for the power supply firmly connected. 
2. Battery operation: batteries inserted correctly. High quality, new batteries used. 

• Please understand that the return costs of goods from abroad must be borne by the buyer. 
• Make sure that the shipment is declared for the German customs, as it is not possible to pick it up at the customs office.

Return Address: 
Rungedamm 20 
21035 Hamburg