Ad campaign for MODALO Watch Winder series ROYAL for the 60th anniversary edition of the "Guards Polo Club Yearbook".
The Guards Polo Club is the organizer of the Queen's Cup tournament. Since its establishment is Prince Philip the president of the club. 


Ad campaign in the April / May 2015 issue of the "Ora magazine", Hungary's only print magazine for watches and jewelery.

Ad campaign in the 10th edition of the english watch magazine "Oracle".
The Oracle magazine is worldwide read by enthusiasts of luxury watches.


Ad campaign in the german watch magazine "Armbanduhren", it is Germanys magazine for premium watch culture.

Articles about MODALO Watch Winders in the russian magazine "Moi Chasi".
It provides informations about the latest products and events in the world of watches and informs about MODALO as new quality brand on the Russian market.